dutchDesign 2017 preview as hero pic

dutchDesign 2017


Created as a part of a 2 month-long design field study in Europe.


Website: Front-end development + UX lead, overall art direction.

Documentaries: sound lead, video editing.

Last summer, I was fortunate to be selected as 1 of 12 senior design students who participated in duchDesign 2017 — a two-month design and culture oriented field study across 8 cities in 4 different countries in Europe. As a part of the program, our team conducted and produced studio interviews and short documentaries on design and innovation, specifically in the Netherlands.

Web design + development

I was the UX lead and one of the 2 front-end developers for the experimental, brutalist website that was created as the final outcome of our studies, with the main purpose of hosting all the films and documenting our experience as a team. I was mainly responsible for the team page and anecdotes, and was also involved in the design and development of the landing page.

The frame below is an interactive preview, so you could either explore it right here or visit the site itself. There are some cool design videos on there that you could watch too.

I had the most fun coding the anecdotes page, which documents our journey through the 8 European cities, adding a playful, personal touch to the site. Even though this page is completely seperate from the rest of the site, it still was designed within the same brutalist visual + interaction framework that our team had set from the start.

anecdotes page - rome screenshot

Short documentaries on design

During field, I was the sound design lead in the film production team and was responsible for the sound recording of almost all of the 13 interviews that we conducted.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Pieke Bergmans, one of my favourite designers/artists. I conducted deep research from months prior to the interview to understand her philosophy and approach, in order to frame the most meaningful questions.

Her interview was one of the most memorable for me. One of the areas in design that intrigues me the most is critical speculation, where the designer is able to provoke an audience to reflect the complex relationship between themselves and objects that surround them. And I personally think that most of Pieke Bergman's works fall within this space.

me interviewing pieke bergmans

I also edited Claudy Jongstra's interview from start to finish.

Personal Reflection

This field school was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to go through it. I learned so much from the amazing designers and artists that we interviewed, the unique culture of every single city that we travelled to, and last but not least, from my extremely talented friends that I travelled, lived, and worked with. Watch my personal reflection video below to hear more about my experience.